TEAM Financial Group is an organization specializing in Retirement and Financial Planning for Texas educators, state employees, and non-profit organizations. We educate employees on their state benefits and federal tax law entitlements.
Assisting you with your retirement planning needs is not merely an event that is “over and done”. TEAM Financial realizes it is a partnership – a financial agent providing guidance year after year. We understand that a long term, consistent investment and savings plan is a key to progress. Make it easier on yourself. Simplify what may seem complicated by asking the financial agents that provide encouragement, support and knowledge to help you reach your financial goals and dreams.
Services provided by TEAM Financial Group to Public Schools, State Employers and Non-Profit Organizations

  • Educational workshops for staff and employees
  • Individual financial reviews with employees to assess their financial goals
  • 403b/Roth 403b/457/College Savings Plans/Life Insurance
  • Assist with Third Party Administration Set Up
  • Assist in developing required Plan Documents (403b/457) 

Many educators are NOT retiring with the same lifestyle they have today. We want that to change. Start by paying yourself first!